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We Have Most Advanced And Most Efficient Systems

CPU Times - We Have Most Advanced And Most Efficient Systems

Rackmount Computers Providing Straight Forward Sensibility

imagesIf you have worked on a computer connected to a network, whether it be from your workplace or from school, then you must have been dealing with what is called a ‘server’. What exactly is a ‘server’?. Essentially, it is a hub for which information is transmitted through a network that allows several computers to share information without physically being connected to one another. The 2U rackmount computer is specifically designed to act as a server, therefore elevating its efficiency compared to a regular desktop that will be used for this purpose. These computers will not have the reliability issues that a regular PC may have. They are designed to work continuously. Imagine if your server was operating on a desktop PC and had to shut down every few hours or so. That would just be disastrous. These machines are also pretty straightforward. They only contain equipment that is essential to its nature of being a server, therefore, making them very streamlined and smaller than a regular desktop PC.

Reasons To Consider Rugged Rack Mount Servers

images (2)Many of the most advanced and most efficient systems that are used for security and industrial purposes require complex control software in order to function. This can potentially mean introducing different types of powerful and mobile electronic solutions into environments that are not friendly to standard internal hardware components. Rugged rack servers and other rack-mounted computers can make it possible to use advanced equipment from a variety of different locations. It can even make it possible to manage systems from inside of a vehicle.

Reduced Space Requirements

One of the most prominent reasons that rack servers are used in a variety of applications is the compact footprint that is created. Racks and the systems that are designed to attach to the structure have a very small profile that can be easily integrated into a tight space such as the cabin of a small marine patrol craft, or the back of a larger wheeled vehicle. The racks can also be used to hold mounted personal computer (PC) systems like a 1U rackmount PC that can be used to control a range of peripheral devices.

Advanced Networking Capabilities

Rack servers can be combined with other components and additional systems to create a very powerful network center. This can be employed when monitoring, recording or supporting logistical equipment that has been deployed in the field. The rugged aspect of the hardware can make it appropriate for use in environments where the equipment might encounter water, large amounts of dust, debris or even an explosive atmosphere. The advanced networking capabilities will not be affected, and all data can be transmitted or recorded reliably despite external conditions.

Versatile Configurations

The small footprint and standard size of rack servers means that a number of different rugged components can be aligned in a very small space. This can create an opportunity to assemble the exact hardware configuration that is needed to maintain industrial systems or to perform detailed security duties. The racks can be outfitted with advanced cooling mechanisms so that even a full bank of 1U rackmount PC systems can operate for extended periods of time without any risk of overheating.

Easy Maintenance

The same versatility that comes from using rack servers can also make regular maintenance very simple. Individual servers in the racks can be quickly removed and then repaired or replaced. This can also make it possible to upgrade entire setups without the need to create a new custom support structure. The entire configuration makes it easy to maintain the many cables that often come with the use of multiple components that are mounted on a rack.

Rackmount LCD Monitor, Sunlight Readable Unit

Rackmount LCD monitors are space saving, compact racks that provide users with crystal clear picture quality in two different styles; directly mountable or in a rack drawer that allows the monitor to be pulled out and lifted up. Rackmount Monitors with the flip-up design include adjustable brackets, a built in LCD, and full OSD features that provides effective assistance for administrators to control multiple PCs. It is a rugged unit specifically designed for commercial and military applications. Directly mountable units, on the other hand, have metal ruggedized housing and fits into the standard 19″ rack cabinet. Although required 5U to 9U of available rack space is necessary, extra rack mounting space from the back of the LCD panel allows the user to save a tremendous amount of space for compact environment racks. Tempered glass is mounted in front of the LCD panel to protect against impact and dust on the LCD panel, providing more efficiency and durability to the product for a longer life span.

Each unit supports a flat LCD panel which connects to the conversion board and comes with a standard VGA connector on the back of the rack mount unit for pc system connection. Built for military purposes, sunlight readable and sun native resolutions are now supported on certain modules to outperform commercially available non enhanced products that washout in direct and/or indirect sunlight conditions.

Front panel controls such as the On/Off switch and OSD buttons are located on the front of the LCD monitor for easier access around the unit. These OSD functions allow you to adjust the LCD monitor for the best view and provides an auto-shut off function, which enables the monitor drawer to go right back to its rest position right at the tip of your fingertips.  images (4)

Direct current, which is also referred to as DC power, is produced by such sources as batteries and thermocouples. These direct currents are used to charge batteries, and in nearly all electronic systems, are used as the power supply. A 100/240VAC power adapter is integrated into each rackmount monitor and converts power from your outlets into a steady stream of power that the computer can use. A 235 or 250 Watt power supply is sufficient enough to provide power for the hard drives and other components. The quality of the power supply can be very important because it can make the difference between a stable computer and an unreliable computer.

Some important options that are available for custom applications are Rack mount LCDs with composite video, S-Video, DVI, high brightness and sunlight readable, resistive touch screens with USB/serial controller, and capacitive touch screens with serial controller.